Mono-Control System

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Mono-Control System

Chain Operation

The Mono-S Vertical System is a new wide bodied system available with 3 different types of mono control:

  • chain operation using a single dual function chain control.
  • wand operation combining draw and tilt of the louvres into one easy and safe control.
  • motorised using Somfy transformers and controls with both switch and radio controls available.

All three options allow the slats to be tilted and drawn using a single control. Additional design features make this product really stand out from the crowd.

The new Mono-Chain Vertical system uses one chain control to combine the draw and tilt functions of the louvres. This has the advantage of streamlining the operation of the blind and negating the need for the traditional chain used to operate the second function.

Motor Operation

Louvres hang perfectly at all times with an automatic Louvre re-alignment system for efficient operation that also prevents damage to the system. All travellers can rotate through 200° to ensure exceptional closure of the slats.

New technology ensures absolute silent running of your blind. Even after years, it opens and closes like magic.

Wand Operation

With open and closed vertical blinds, the stack or last Louvre closes seamlessly against the wall. Leaving no annoying gaps to spoil the view.

Through a new design of our slat traveller, which is 30% narrower, the entire Louvre stack is now much smaller than on standard vertical blinds, allowing an unrestricted view and a more open appearance of the window.

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