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Providing reliable and efficient light control, Vertical Blinds are available with either slimline

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Providing reliable and efficient light control, Vertical Blinds are available with either slimline or wide-bodied headrails. Different control systems are also available, making the blinds easier and safer to use.

Choose from two reliable headrail systems, both identically priced.

Vogue Slimline System

The Vogue Slimline System is an extremely practical headrail for vertical blinds. It provides an easily fitted and efficient method of light control. It’s used throughout the world and is known to be one of the most reliable headrails.

Maestro Headrail

Alternatively, there is the wide-bodied, elegant, ribbed aluminium Maestro Headrail, which is available, either anodised or powder coated. This supports the heaviest weights of louvres, ensures the headrail is quite unobtrusive and comes with two distinct advantages. Firstly, the headrail blends in more readily into its surroundings and secondly, it gives additional clearance to tilt and turn windows allowing the blind to be fitted nearer the window frame.

Why opt for these vertical blinds?

For a number of years the commercial sector has had a significant demand for the mono control system that could allay the safety concerns associated with the traditional cord and chain blind. In more recent times these issues have started to impact on the domestic market. Maestro Mono-Command and the Slimline Mono-Conversion offers the ideal solution, a competitively priced, easy-to-use crank handle operation that will both tilt and traverse louvres and yet remain unobtrusive when not in use.

And what’s more…

A unique feature of all our Vertical Blinds is they are manufactured with equal spacing to eliminate the unsightly problem of extra louvre slats.

Energy Saving

Click here to view how our roller blinds are rated to save energy and their ability to reduce thermal loss.

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