Solar inserts

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Solar inserts

Internal blinds may enhance the look of a room and expensive air conditioning helps to cool a room. However, both methods can fail to fully address the issue of heat, glare and UV. Neither method effectively controls the sun’s powerful rays. Moreover, both methods require ongoing maintenance.
Tec-Sun tackles the problems of heat and glare from the outside. Tec-Sun Solar Polycarbonate and Window Film stop the sun’s solar energy and harmful UV from penetrating through the roof and or windows. During winter the opposite happens as the Solar Inserts and Window Film act as a barrier – helping to retain heat in the room. Unlike blinds, high levels of visible light are maintained.

Designed for conservatory roofs, the range of solar insert products are an excellent way to combat the effects of heat, glare and ultra violet light.  Installed inside the existing Polycarbonate roof, solar inserts will transform your conservatory into an every day room by making a significant contribution in keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

Solar inserts – technology in action

SmartpolySolar inserts are 110 microns thick and are constructed from micro thin, high quality polyester (PET) films. Patented technologies are used to impregnate the film with UV protection and a layer of finely divided metal is applied using vacuum metalisation. The production of the film is carried out in clean room conditions according to ENISO 9002.

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