Vision Duo roller

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The VISION Duo roller blind controls the light by moving the fabric strips allowing as much light or as little or as much light as desired.

Vision Technology

  • The VISION fabrics are easy to clean. Simply brush the fabric to clean or use a moist cloth.
  • The headrail is made of aluminium and is available in white or silver.
  • The fabric is fitted on the aluminium tube and the headrail and rolls up or down over the two-part bottom rail with roller and weight.
  • The hanging is woven with various thick and transparent strips for a sleek and modern look to your blinds.
  • The VISION duo roller effect comes from shifting the strips and can take place in any position.
  • Easily motorised with wireless technology control powered by Lithium-Ion batteries

These blinds are versatile and give a unique look to your home.

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