Bi-fold Doors

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Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold or multi-fold doors can often be tricky to fit Blinds on to, especially if the doors are constructed from Aluminium rather than uPVC.  To check if your Aluminium bi-fold doors will be suitable for Blinds, the critical dimensions are the bead depth and the hinge side clearance, guidance is as follows:

Bead depth:  Measure this by placing a straight edge (ruler, book etc.) across the corner of a door and measure the gap between the glass and the underside of the straight edge.  Please measure in millimetres or centimetres.

Hinge side clearance:   This is the distance at the hinge side of the doors between the face of one door and the face of its neighbour.

Depending on how the doors are made, you can either bead-fit (clip in) blinds or alternatively drill/screw mount blinds.  I’ve attached some pictures showing fitted Pleated style blinds and also what to look for when measuring.  Venetian or Roller style Blinds rarely work on bi-fold doors because they are too bulky.

measure yourself    

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