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We have a comprehensive range of products, fabrics and styles from which to choose; so to help you decide we offer a FREE of charge consultation to residential and commercial customers alike from one of our knowledgeable & friendly staff. All of Innovation’s products can be made to measure and installed by an experienced fitter.

Awnings can be operated manually or by means of an electric motor. We are also able to supply a variety of heating & lighting options for homes and business alike.

Solar Shading – reduce building heat gain

Part L of the building regulations will shortly increase its empahsis on limiting solar gains during the summer period for both air conditioned and non-air conditioned buildings.

To comply with this new legislation, exterior solar shading MUST be incorporated into building design to effectively insulate a window. Installing an exterior screen such as an awning to provide window and door shading will reduce g-value total by 75%.


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Please note that from time to time there can be delays to shipping in the Suez Canal along with unusual storms at sea for freight that can adversely extend lead times. We will endeavour to expedite your order as fast as we can and we will keep you updated along the way.